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Recently I read an article on LinkedIn by a business consultant and mentor. It was about sales leads and how to nourish them. I think the blog was meant to be about personal selling. and how to cultivate the sale by building a relationship first, before pushing the product. Unfortunately, it was full of jargon, and with me, jargon jars!

The blog should have positioned the consultant as a genuine thought leader. However, it was obviously a pre-authored article that she was supposed to top and tail to make her own. Sadly, she topped and tailed too much and this reader soon high tailed it!

3 Tips for a better Blog

It was a pity, because I actually know this lady and have heard her engage a live audience. Her presentation was good and she must have spent some time preparing it. So why didn’t she apply the same endeavor to her writing? I’m sticking my neck now and if you want to write a better blog here’s my three tips.

1. Share experiences

First, there are very few truly original thinkers. The best you can hope for is to take one truism worth sharing, then find a novel way of writing to promote and share it. As people we relate to other people and their experiences. Share your experience. It’s amazing how many blogs I’ve read lately that are full of faux-bon-mots, without even the smallest, redeeming anecdote to hold my interest.

Social media is now infested by bots and I’m beginning to believe that many blogs are too

2. Be yourself

The second piece of advice I’d give is be yourself. Only you are authentically you. Don’t try to be somebody you’re not. Let your own voice shine through. Do you remember back in school when there were all those different cliques? You had your friends right, but you also had people who disliked you. But you didn’t waist your time trying to impress people who despised you.

When it comes to writing just remember that it’s a bit like Marmite. Probably half of the people will love it and the other half?  Well, that’s my point. Stop worrying about the other half, over reaching yourself, trying to try to impress them. Stick to what you know and write more from your heart. That’s authenticity, that’s the beginning of style.

When it comes to writing, just remember that it’s a bit like Marmite!

3. Don’t over cook it

My last piece of advice is that originality is more often in the writing, not always in the writer. If you read, or hear, something for the first time, then that’s original for you. Your writing doesn’t always have to be profound. Keep it simple and don’t over cook it!

For example, what’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received? Mine was from my older brother, Kevin, a freelance photographer. I’d just left a well paid job and set-up my first consultancy providing marketing communications to non-profits. I’d only one client at the time and I was chasing more.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

When I asked him for advice he said, “It doesn’t pay you to get out of bed to do a cut price job.” I had to ask him to explain as I wasn’t immediately sure what he meant. “Take me for example. Everyone takes holiday snaps and thinks that makes them a photographer. So when I give them my price some of them immediately ask for discount. If I give them discount this time they’ll expect it next time. And if I give it to them then all my customers will want that price.”

Everyone takes holiday snaps and thinks that makes them a photographer.

As a marketing consultant I’ve often reflected on his statement. It is about pricing but it’s about more than that. It’s also about quality, of ensuring that your customer perceives the quality. Your not satisfied with giving them a product or service which, at a push, they could do for themselves. It’s also about customer relationship, the bond or contract between client and producer.

Today’s take away:

If you are planning to write a Blog be yourself. Tell us about your experience, share at least one anecdote to brighten our day. Just remember, if we wanted jargon, we’d read a textbook!

Fergus Cooper