A 2015 Lloyds bank research report found that 47% of UK SMEs don’t have a website. Common reasons cited for this were my trade doesn’t use them, it costs too much money, I don’t have the time and I don’t know how. In 2016 there were 2.5 million UK SMEs of which 2.3 million are micro-businesses employing less than 5 people.

You probably think I’m mad in trying to address this issue in my blog, but don’t assume that, because an SME doesn’t have a website, the owner doesn’t use the internet. Nearly 88% of adults (45.9 million) in the UK have used the internet in the last 3 months. Within this group, the figure rises to 99% for those aged between 18-24.

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Here are 10 reasons why they should invest in a website to sustain and grow their business.

1. The 24 x 7 marketing medium

Maybe your existing customers know you through personal recommendation. But how are you recruiting new customers? All of your customers use the internet on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. A website is a multi-purpose marketing platform that showcases your business 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

2. Enable prospective customers to find you

So what if I don’t know anyone who knows you, but I live locally and I need your business service now? I grab my smartphone and I search for your trade or service local to me. Would I find you if you don’t have a locally optimised website?

3. A website will add value to your business

Have you heard the expression: “Never judge a book by its cover”? That’s because we do and it is human nature to make value judgements. You can directly influence value judgements with a good website. And that includes positively influencing your suppliers, your bank manager as well as other business associates and customers.

4. Lower your business costs

That’s right. You can replace a physical presence for your business with a virtual presence, reducing the setup and recurrent costs of your business. You can also trade globally while still operating locally and having a website will reduce your overall marketing costs.

5. Let your customers work for you

If you garner good reviews from your customers you can post them online. A recommendation is your most valuable marketing asset and your website enables you to extend the power and reach of personal recommendation.

6. Join up your social networks

Almost all websites now come with preloaded social media icons that enable you to connect your website and social media networks. Your website has become a powerful tool to integrate all of your online activities with the potential to grow the business with digital marketing.

7. Better customer communication

You can update your customers with your special offers, promotions and new products and services. The website can offer potential customers various options for contacting. You can monitor all of these from your own smartphone meaning you need never miss potential new business.

8. Email marketing

With your own website, you can have your own email. What’s more, you can capture all your customers’ email contacts and then use your database to further promote your business through email marketing. It’s easier and more cost effective to sell more to existing customers than it is to generate new customers.

9. Competitor advantage

So we know that 48% of other SMEs don’t have a website. Get one and instantly you have a competitive advantage! Develop and utilize your website effectively and you can even run rings around some of your bigger competitors.

10. A website is easy to build

You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to build your own website as most domain sites like GoDaddy and 123-reg.co.uk provide simple cost-effective, pre-designed sites. These static websites can be up and running in as little as one hour. Alternatively, you can build a larger portfolio site using WordPress which comes with industry-specific themes or templates.
Finally, if you can’t afford the time, hire a  good website designer.

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