Cambridge House Grammar School

together we create futures

Fergus helped Cambridge House transform its marketing communications. He brought original and insightful thinking to how we communicate with our various stakeholders. His work on branding and the school prospectus, the rigorous focus on improving the quality of our marketing, endures to this day. Where we have led, many now follow.

Principal: Elma Lutton BEd, MSc, PQH (NI)

school prospectus

community development guide

Alan Sheeran

In the early days of “Peace Funding”, the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland was swamped by applications from groups with lots of ideas, but no structures. We decided to produce a basic guide to community development. Very quickly we pulled together Community Development: a Guide to Good Practice. The question was, how to make it less dry and more accessible to the reader. Fergus helped us with the editing and design concept, created cartoons for us and managed the production to print. In no time at all, we had the book that would inspire hundreds of new community groups. It’s in its third edition and is still available.

logo design

Janine Fullerton

We approached Fergus when we needed to create a new corporate identity for the Down & Conor Housing Association. He managed the process from start to finish, from name generation, through graphic design, branding, and launch. Ark has really worked for the association, helping it to communicate its mission and values. Like the best brands, the design has been tweaked and updated, but the corporate identity remains constant.

mobile campaign


The General Consumer Council Northern Ireland


The General Consumer Council for NI commissioned Fergus to promote the website After its launch, the site’s traffic dropped below 1,000 visits per month. He created a bus advertising and PR campaign, which raised site traffic to over 100,000 p.m. The campaign won a UK Biznet award for best advertising campaign < £100k.